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About Alicia's Small Town Designs

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Hi there! I'm so glad you found my website. Here's where I awkwardly introduce myself and tell you about my business.

I'm Alicia, 30-something mom of 3 BOYS. When my business first started, I was a 20-something mom of 2 boys, so I guess life has changed a little (actually a LOT). My business was sort of created out of necessity. My oldest son is high-functioning autistic, and when he was younger, he (and the schools he was in) required a lot of my time. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses are not very understanding to the time that is required to be a parent, much less a single parent of a special needs child.

This business started out sooooo different from what it is today. The last job that I had, I managed to somehow stick it out long enough to get a severance package, and it was also right around tax time. I took that money and invested it into a commercial vinyl plotter and started a small sign business. This quickly lead to me learning about custom t-shirts, and shortly later I bought a cheap (and horrible) heat press and started learning to create custom t-shirts with vinyl. 

Years later, I have a love for custom shirts and many other products, but I don't work with a lot of vinyl anymore (as a matter of fact, you won't find any vinyl products on my website, those are all custom orders only). I started learning about different print styles and was HOOKED.

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Somewhere in the middle of all this, I got married, had another baby (this kid definitely keeps me on my toes too!) and started learning all about embroidered and appliqued clothing... Another obsession. I quickly decided that I had to learn how to do this, and it is a passion of mine. After all, every good southern girl loves a monogram, even if she's tattooed, pierced, and has purple hair. ;) 

On this website, you'll find a lot of southern sayings, cows (they're my favorite), monograms, and so many other things. I create custom baby blankets, outfits, kitchen towels, aprons, cutting boards, and, of course, t-shirts.

Please, if you have a question, never hesitate to contact me!

Thanks for visiting!